32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi everyone... I am in 7th week of pregnancy still I don't like having milk... in 7 months I did not drink even for a day.... please let me know is it ok if I dont drink milk through out 9 month or I must have it?

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Answer: You must take milk because it contains calcium
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Question: Hello mam ! During pregnancy i don't like to drink milk . Is it must to drink? If any substitute pls tell me
Answer: Hello dear... During pregnancy,it is essential to take dairy products,for bone health,if you have any allergy or you din like dairy products,can add nuts powder to milk and drink,it will be so nutrious,you can go for non dairy products,to increase your calcium content ,the non dairy products include ragi, almonds, Greenleafy vegetables,oranges,dried apricots,plums, prunes,soya milk ,tofu,can include this in your diet ,
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Question: Hello , I don't like to drink milk. But everyone says it's essential. Can you please suggest me substitutes for milk?
Answer: Hi dear, i too can't take milk due to my lactose intolerance. Instead of milk i replaced soya milk, eggs and calcium supplement adjusting the total benefits available from milk. You can try it.
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Question: I dont like drink water .. instead of water i m having glucose water .. is it ok
Answer: Hi, it is additional sugar. If you have sugar problem you can't take. Instead you can have fresh fruit juices. You can have coconut water. You can have glucond just once a day. Sip in few sips of water throughout if you can't have the entire glass at a time.
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