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Question: Hi everyone.. As I already mentioned that I have severe back pain and sometimes abdominal pain, last evening I had acidity problem too.. Y? And more question as I'm trying to conceive, but everyday when I make my son sleep, he'll sleep on me, like I lay down first and then he'll lays on me.. He's 2 year old.. Nothing problem uh if I'll make him sleep like that?

Answer: Hi dear, Acidity problems could give you such issues try also give chest pains.gas in body could give pain anywhere.reson for acidity could be anything due to life style change,food can analyse accordingly.avoid any deep fried or spicy things.drink buttermilk daily.there won't be any issue of baby sleeping on you for now but if you have conceived than it is not recommended.
Answer: Thanks for answering my question
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Question: Hello everyone! I am having a question related to sex in 32nd week as my husband is out of town and when he'll come back he can ask for that. I am ok to make love at this time but little worried as i'll have to travel after that week. So will it be ok to make love at that time? Please do give your valuable suggestions and answers
Answer: Hi dear, Sex during pregnancy is quite safe provided you have no pregnancy related complications.tou need to be comfortable and try poses that are easy on you.donot experiment with various sex postures.missionary and women on top are easy and safe.husband must use condome as precaution,to aviod getting any infection.
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Question: I have abdominal pain and I feel that some pain I sat know how to say it's like acidity I think so In Tamil kutudhu
Answer: Acidity n pain is common in pregnancy...Buy still if u feel it much,plz consult once to ur doctor. And don't take tension as I said it's normal...😊
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Question: I keep reading that you aren't supposed to lay on your back while pregnant I'm due may 1st and I can only really feel her when I lay on my back she kicks and moves around like crazy but when I switch to my side I don't feel her does that mean when I lay on my back she's uncomfortable? I love feeling her though it's comforting to me but if she doesn't like that position I guess I'll stop
Answer: Don't lay on your backside... This position is too much hurting your baby.. baby can't get enough space inside Ur tummy when you lay on your feel so much uncomfortable... Don't do this again.. if u want to feel Ur baby movements then eat some sweets and drink 1glass water then lay down on your left side.. baby start movements but u have to wait for some time ☺️ wait and watch your baby movements🤗
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