7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi everyone, actually my doctor told me to take duphaston once a day but by mistake i have taken it for twice for one week is it going to be a problem please tell me

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Answer: Hi ma'am I would suggest you to consult your doctor in terms of medicine..pregnancy is a crucial period so your doctor knows better..I hope you understand...thanks...
Answer: No.. but dnt do it again.
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Question: By mistake i took etafol tablet twice a day for one week... But my doctor told only once a week.... Is it harmful to me
Answer: Hi dear etafol is Folic acid and usually prescribed once in a day and the dosage it is usually 5 Billy Graham but if you have by mistake consumed two of your tablets please don't worry nothing will happen in future be careful of the frequency.. Hope this helps!
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Question: By mistake i have taken folic acid tablets twice in a day...please let me know if it create problem
Answer: Hi don't worry as it won't cause any problems to baby so don't worry about it but be careful while taking medicine and take the prescribed medication and the doses accordingly
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Question: By mistake I have taken finefol tablet twice today.. will it be any problem?
Answer: Dear having it once will not cause any harm or problems but please be very careful and have medication in proper prescribed dosage..
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