13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi every one.. can some one plese let me know when can i start to see my baby bump i am 3 months pregnant .. and this is my first pregnancy.

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Answer: Hi dear Congrats, mostly babies are start from 5 or 6 months and some tyms from 4 months .
Answer: Hello dear, After 4 month u can see ur baby bump . Good luck 😊
Answer: Soon you will.. Usually bump starts to appear from 4th month
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Question: Hi am 19 weeks pregnant when can I start feeling baby movements. This is my first pregnancy.
Answer: Hi dear, Baby movements are usually felt from 18 weeks onwards.some ladies feels it post 26 weeks too due to the placement of their placenta.se Ind time mommy would feel it as early as 13 weeks.for you there is till time.please wait.,..,.
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Question: Hi, I am 5 weeks pregnant and this is my first time can you please tell me when to start using bio oil for strechmarks during pregnancy
Answer: Stretch marks are genetical & if your mother or grandmother has stretchmarks then you also going have more or less. That why it's better to start using oil massage from 14 weeks onwards. Hope it helps.
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Question: When will I start feeling the baby movements.. this is my first pregnancy and I am 5 months pregnant?
Answer: In first pregnancy, u will feel baby movement little late. It can be in 6 month. Or may be u can feel in 5 month also. So dont take stress and enjoy ur pregnancy and wait to feel ur baby movements.
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