6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi...earlier my 2 pregnancies miscarriage due to hormonal imbalance. Now I am conceive 42 days. Planning to visit doctor at 45th day. Is there any precaution should I.need to take to.save my child this time

Answer: Dear so sorry to hear about your earlier pregnancies. Congratulations on ur pregnancy dear. I am sharing some of the tips for a healthy pregnancy are as follows:- 1.) Eat a healthy diet 2.) Aim for healthy snacks. 3.) Drink plenty of water 4.) Aim for the proper amount of weight gain. 5.) Talk to your healthcare provider about safe exercise. 6.) Have regular checkups with your doctor. 7.) Take your prenatal vitamins every day. 8.) Have your doctor monitor your iron levels. 9.) Manage back and pelvic pain. Back and pelvic pain may be more common in a twin pregnancy. If you find yourself in a lot of pain, talk to your doctor. He or she may recommend a physical therapist to help you address back pain. 10.) Watch out for signs of preterm labor.Preterm labor is more common when you're delivering twins. If you notice any of the following symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. a.) Bleeding or vaginal discharge can be a sign of preterm labor. b.) You may also start having contractions early. c.) Diarrhea can sometimes signal preterm labor. 11.) Monitor your blood pressure closely 12.) Have certain symptoms evaluated immediately. Rapid weight gain or headaches should be evaluated by your doctor immediately. Hope this helps.
Answer: Hi dear, I am very sorry to hear about your loss.donot loose hope and stay positive.follow the below tips and advice: 1- pre conception check up that includes,body weight,thyroid level and sugar level 2-period cycle and optimal level of hormones 3- stay out of any stress 4- eat healthy and be active 5-know your fertile days and make maximum use of those days. 6- post intercourse,keep your bottom elevated for 5 minutes 7-check your partner's sperm count Keep trying ,and donot loose hope.
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Question: Hii i had two miscarriage earlier now i m 5 week pregnant but. I m very much in fear ....what to do and what precaution should i take
Answer: Consult with doctor, they tell u every think. And take folic acid daily
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Question: I am 33years old. I have pain below my armpit and above my breast. What is this pain for. Should I take some tests. Previously my gyni said it's due to hormonal imbalance. Plz suggest
Answer: Hi,yes it is due to hormonal imbalance and also as the breast is becoming heavy you will get this pain.there us nothing to worry. You can do.madsage to get some relief and you can also do hit water bag compression. This should give your relief If the pain is bad you should consult byoue dr
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Question: hii I had two miscarriage earlier...one was due to sac was irregular and slit structure of 1.5 month and after that 2nd was 3 month WID no cardiac activity we had done chromosomal test of fetus of miscarriage child and everything was fine. please suggest me next time what kind of precaution or test we should do before planning
Answer: Ohh dear it's sad to hear that but these things are internal and exactly what could 'be the issue even your doctor can't say surely. You can take care of body , healthy diet and taking rest, improving lifestyle above that you can't do anything. But these issues doesn't depend much on these factors. Some time medication also works but above all you can't do much regarding your miscarriage.
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