18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi..during sleeping i need pillow for stomach..is it is any pblem?. yesterday nit i slept like this..now just pain in my stomach.any pblem? Pls tell me.. each second I panic about this?

Answer: Hi dear... It's not at all good to use pillows for ur stomach.. plz just don't panic.. watch for any other symptoms like bleeding, leg cramps.. if there are not wait if the pain will subside.. if it is unbearable and increasing then u better consult your doctor.. hope u the best ..
Answer: Hi, don't stress urself . Nothing wrong if u use pillow , use pillow between ur legs or to support ur stomach. End of the day u should be comfortable while sleeping, but make sure u sleep.on sides preferable left side ☺
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Question: Hi I'm 2 months pregnant mother ...yesterday nit I ate 2 dosa and little bit fish gravy half a spoon..and evening 6.30 I drink mothers horlicks 1 tumbler. But yesterday nit I have a stomach pain fully...I don't ke ..I'm very scared about my stomach pain..is this ok normal pain..shall I drink mother horlicks with milk ...plz help me out
Answer: Mother's Horlick s with milk is not a problem. When eat fish try to avoid taking dairy products on that day.
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Question: Yesterday nit i find red discharge with dark red color but it is not liquid and also i am having stomach pain is this miscarriage
Answer: Hello dear. No it is not a miscarriage but it could be a complication hence it has to be reported to your gynae to ensurr everything is fine. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi, I am 7th pregnant... I am suffering from leg pain while sleeping... Is this common now??? If it is please suggest me any prescription about this
Answer: It's normal.....due to sleeping position u may have leg pain....use pillow to support Ur body ...use a pillow between Ur legs....hope u vl get rid of that pain soon...
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