3 years old baby

Question: Hi, due to high BP i got my first delivery in week28, and my baby was preterm abd she was in nicu for 55days and she also had a small surgery PDA Divice closer. Right now for her TRW is in moderat size and she is fine , doctors said if at all the TRW become big we have yo do Open Heart Surgery. My question is if i plain for pregnancy do i get again baby in seventh month

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Answer: There are chances
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Question: my baby was in NICU for hypoglycemia and apnea.Will it effect my baby in future if so what all the things I should do??
Answer: ohh don't worry it will come to baby coz my sil's son also was in NICU due to low sugar at birth time now he is at 2 yrs of age again recently he was admitted in hospital due to low sugar actually he was not eating well so his sugar level was down he was admitted for 3 days now he is ok , at birth time he was in ICU for 15 days due to hypoglycemia but her mother was not gestational diabetes then also baby got sugar, so try to give ur baby healthy food n food on time u hv to maintain n actually sugar will come to baby after he will b at the age of 25 it's possible dat baby will b diabetic in future but it's just chances not compulsory so don't worry n tc of ur baby
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Question: Hello, My baby is 1 month and 3 days old. When she was born, she was white in color. But after keeping her in NICU as she got jaundice for 2 days, she became black. Will she become white again??
Answer: Yes same as my son.. He become black after keeping NICU.. But now he is white.. normal colour get after two months.. Home made coconut oil masage give before bath every day
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Question: my baby was preterm.. and was in NICU for a month.. and was given expressed breast milk through bottle.. now he is not taking direct breast feed... not taking the areola.. suggest me some tips for breast feeding directly
Answer: Wait for little more time.give with patiency dont stop trying direct feeding.your baby will feeding soon.goodluck
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