31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi dr,im at my 30th week of pregnancy so can u plz say im at which month now currently.my lmp is august 23rd...

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Answer: Hello dear According to ur last lmp, i. e 23rd August, u are currently 31 weeks pregnant and so u are 7 months pregnant right now. 28-32 weeks= 7 months
Answer: You are in 8 month of pregnancy
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Question: As my lmp was august 23rd can you say im at which week of pregnancy..?
Answer: Hi Dear! You r running 20 weeks now.. Each month has 4.3 weeks so adding it will give you your exact week . For example; If your LMP is 7th July and today is Aug 15, how will you calculate your week? 7 July to 7 Aug=1 months i.e 4.3 weeks 8 July to 15 Aug=1.1 week. Adding both will give you your exact week; 4.3+1.1=5.4, that means your 6 week is running. Now you can calculate it yourself :). Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi,my lmp was 23rd August can you say in which week im at currently..?
Answer: u stated 5 th month from 23 dec. 17 week going on .will start with 18this thursday
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Question: Hi dr,im currently at 27th week of pregnancy so can u say that which month is running for me.actually im at 7th month but some r saying its 6th month but how that possible...
Answer: You completed 6 month and now 7th month is running
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