35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi Dr pl reply... Today I have seen 2 times White clot while passing urine. Is it safe or worried. Pl reply.

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Answer: Hello! White clot means white vaginal discharge. It is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. Please don't worry. But if you see any colour change, irritation or bad odour then please consult the doctor as it could be vaginal discharge. Take care
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Question: Today while passing urine I saw some white clot like thing.I am very tense .Pls reply.There is no bleeding or pain
Answer: White clote may b mucus..no need to worry..unless otherwise blood is there
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Question: Today I have seen a blood clot during urine discharge...is it normal?or should I get worried..I m eight weeks pregnant
Answer: Blood spotting is common during first trimester as it happens when egg implant itself in the uterus and the leftover blood of uterus is being expelled out of the body. basically it is harmless but it is good to be on safer side so you should definitely inform your doctor about this.
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Question: 9 week completed. Saw blood clot today morning while passing urine. Heartbeat seen at 8 week
Answer: Hello dear. Blood clot at this stage is not a good sign and needs to be reported to your gynae immediately. Hope it helps.
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