5 months old baby

Question: Hi Dr. My baby is 4 months 22 days old. She is on breast milk. How can i know whether her tummy is filled or not

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Answer: Feed baby till he/she turns their head from you...once stomach is full baby will refuse to drink milk
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    Romi Prajapati913 days ago

    she goes on drinking and then vomits milk

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Question: My baby s 6 days old...hw to know whether her tummy S full or not??
Answer: Hi dear, Apka baby achche se breast feed Kar Raha hai ya Nahi iske Kuch signs hai,jisse aapko pata lag Sakta hai: 1- baby's steady weight gain 2- 6 to 8 wet cloth nappies daily 3-10 to 12 feeds in a day 4- baby stool looks mustard yellow 5-baby is content and happy 6- while feeding if you can hear gulping and swallowing sound 7- your breasts feels light post feed
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Question: Hi my baby is 22 days old...how should i know that he is getting enough breast milk or not?
Answer: Hi dear, I really can feel your anxity, even I gone through the same In my initial breast feeding days. Don't worry, if you are giving feeding for 30 minutes each time & baby is passing urine & motion in frequent intervals that means baby is getting enough feed. Hope it will help.
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Question: How can I know whether my baby is getting enough breastmilk or not,she is 12 days old..
Answer: Helo dear ...if baby is not crying it means he is having enough breast milk . Also keep check on his weight gain ...If baby is gaining then it means he is having enough nutrition . Hope this will help ..Take care
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