1 months old baby

Question: Hi dr..my baby cries a lot while going before for urine nd toilet. plz help me out

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Answer: Hello dear Babies cry while they pee is due to burning. Apply caster oil on the stomach and nappy area. Some times babies feel the pressure and it's new to them so they cry. U should drink alot of water try avoiding food that makes the baby gassy like dal potatoes cabbage etc. Some times dis is due to UTI as well if the baby is crying too much pls consult ur doctor.
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Question: hi my boy s 2 months 6 days before going urine my boy cries a lot nd urine s also hotter ????plz explain
Answer: Does your baby have any other symptoms of problems, such as brightly colored or smelly urine? The crying could be due to a urinary tract infection and if possible contact a doctor to have them analyze a sample of the urine.
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Question: Hi... My baby is 15 days old. He cries a lot before toilet .. can any body suggest home remedies
Answer: Apply Castro oil nd hing powder mix in his naval are once a day for few days
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Question: My baby crying lot before going to urine and stool...plz suggest me
Answer: It's normal he has no control over his internal organ so he feel pain because of the pressure create while urine or stool so don't worry it will be okay when your baby be of two month old Or else you could consult a doc
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Question: My 4 month old baby boy cries a lot while pasing urine
Answer: it is advisable to consult the doctor because it is possible when the baby is getting urinary track infection in the meanwhile it is very important to maintain a very good hygiene and the private place of the baby you should keep it always dry you should always buy from front to back vision you should always wear your baby only cotton UG and you should in the meanwhile as your breast feeding a baby does very important for you to take at least 10 to 12 glasses of water and have lot of fluids which should also help the baby
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