6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi dr me 5 week 3 days pregnant hu..plz guide me

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Answer: Hi dear Dos during pregnancy  are below  Get regular check ups.  This is very necessary to check about ur baby growth . Consume plenty of water. As it will keep u save from stomach issue as well for amonotic fluid u are needed to stay hydrated.Get enough exercise.  it will keep u active and save u from back and leg pain. It also makes u ready for normal delivery.Get plenty of proteins. protein is one of the most important neutrient for baby and u. Consume iron rich food as lack of this can led to undeveloped body parts if baby and also make u anemic.eat green vegetables ,seeds, milk products broccoli lentils.Practice positive thinking. this play an important role as being happy is the key of healthy pregnancy.  Should be careful while driving (Better to avoid) Listen to pleasant music. it will boost u up and keep ur baby happy. Practice breathing techniques. Consume enough fresh fruits. Add lots of green veggies and dry fruits.  Don't during pregnancy are Don't Smoke/ drink alcohol. Avoid drugs. Don‘t get in contact with reptiles. Avoid over the counter drugs. Don‘t expose yourself with any kind of pesticides.  Don‘t bend with straight legs.   Don't lift any heavy objects,  Don't overuse stair case.  Don‘t over strain with too many exercises.  Avoid negative thoughts, surroundings.  All the best. 
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Question: Hi i am 6 week 5 days pregnant i have continuse sneezing and cold pls anyone guide me
Answer: Hi, congratulations for your pregnancy Hi dear,you can try these home remedies. Place a humidifier in the roomso that it is easier to breathe..it will keep the room moist.and prevent the formation of crusty mucus.yiu can also take steamalatio.Inhaling steam helps to clear the blockage. Tie few garlic pods in a piece of cloth and place it on theyour neck during night time Massage your chest with lukewarm mustard oil mixed with garlic cloves Apply saffron paste to your forehead it is very effective in treating cold,cough and fever. Heat ajwain seeds and tie it in a clean cloth and make the potli an use as a hot compressor You should also have warm water Have given get honey paste Do salt water gargling You can apply Vicks Put saline water nasal drops This will give relief
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Question: Hi dr.. am 6 week 5 days pregnant.. but heartbeat is not seen.. any problem dr??
Answer: Please don't worry it is seen in the cases of late conception or you may had irregular periods before the pregnancy heartbeats are usually appreciated around 8 to 10 weeks so repeat the scan after 2 weeks to see the status Till then continue taking progesterone tablet and take rest.
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Question: In the evening I feel like fever...I m 5 week and 3 days pregnant kindly guide me
Answer: It is because u r in the early stage of pregnancy. Don't worry. U dont have fever. In pregnancy our body temperature will be more than that of normal , do not take tat as fever.. In the coming weeks it will become normal gor you . Dont stress over it.
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