29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi dr m 7month prgnt breech position ky hoti h or thk kis weak tk ho skhti h for normal delvry .

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Answer: U r still in 29 weeks so don't worry . You have 10 more weeks to go. Breech position means your baby legs are down and face is up. MATLAB when u baby has to come out through head bit in breech position legs will be seen first. In foreign countries doctor still go for normal deliver in breech position also but in India very few doctor take the rest in breech position rather they go for c sec. You have a lot of time the baby can change it's position don't worry
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Question: I m 30 week pregnant....meri ultrasound report m breech position aai h....breech position ab delivery tk change ho sakti h kya???
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. Some breech babies turn themselves naturally in the last month of pregnancy. If your baby is in a breech position at 36 weeks, your doctor might suggest you think about an ECV, or external cephalic version, which means your doctor will try to turn the baby by hand after 37 weeks. This will increase your chances of your baby turning to a head-down position. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: Hi i m 35week pregnant. Mera baby breech position main hai. Kya breech position main bhi normal delivery ki tarhaan pain start hoti hai.
Answer: hello.. dear.. Usually by 34 weeks Baby fixed the position for Labour but in some cases however not. Babies that are positioned feet or buttocks down in the womb are called “breech babies.” Babies that are lying sideways in the womb are called “transverse-lie” babies. Either way, a vaginal delivery of these babies can be extremely complicated if they do not move into the proper head-down position. There are few exercises that you can do to achieve the desired position ie head down but for safety it's important to perform only after your gynecologist approval. 1. Spinning the breech baby : prop an ironing board at a low angle against a sofa or chair. Make sure the board is sturdy and secure. Ask a family member to help you to lie down on the board with your head down and your feet up on the board. Once you’ve found your balance, massage your stomach in a downward circular motion and visualize the baby turning head-down. Lying on board for 20 minutes at a time, three times daily. 2. Transverse lie baby : kneel on the edge of a sofa and slowly lean forward until your forearms are resting on the floor in front of you. Your hips and knees should be approximately 10-20 inches above your arms and shoulders, and your belly should hang off of the sofa. Relax your belly, neck and head. Hold the position for 30 to 60 seconds. Then crawl slowly off of the sofa, bringing one knee down and then the other. Sit up and catch your breath. Repeat. The exercise should be performed twice daily for several consecutive days.
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Question: Kya frst time delvry late hoti or labour pain jyada time tk hote h plz tell me m scared
Answer: Aisa kuch nhi hota, sabki Baaton pr vishwas mat kijiye. Har ladies ki body unique hoti h aur sabki medical conditions bhi alag hoti h. First delivery, kabhi bhi ho sakti h late bhi jaldi, sab kuch aapki body pr depend krta h. Agar normal delivery hoti hai to labour pain jyada time k liye hota hi h.. Aap please kisi ki Baat mat suniye.. Aur scared hone ki bhi jarurat nhi h.. Just think ki aapka baby healthy and fit ho
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