7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi Dr. I'm 6 weeks pregnant now. I'm not feeling like eating any thing and suffering from nausea entire day. Some times I'm feeling very hungry but nothing staying in my stomach. Please help me to get out of this

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Answer: Have fresh lime water or ORS after your every meal around 200ml nd if you feel nausea take a small sip of cold water nd eat everything you want instead unhealthy food
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Question: I am not able to eat any thing...I don't have vomiting...bt nausea all time...I am not feeling hungry....plz tl some solution
Answer: Dear due to nausea u r not feeling to take food as nausea s due to harmonal changes. i also same nausea issue from starting of pregnancy .i take medicine but dont get relirf then friends advised me to take ginger tea ,one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and honey with warm water, lemon juice , chew on fennel seeds whenever you feel nauseated nd 8 to 10 glass water nd liquids can give relief too .i try it nd gets relief .u can try it also its helpful
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Question: Hi doctor... I'm suffering from morning to like vomiting... But it's not coming.... Nd I'm feeling like gas in stomach... Pls help me...
Answer: Take vomting tablet other wise u will get gas problem in my last pregnancy I neglected tablet why it harm for baby like that later bec of vomting sensation and vomtings I can't eat anything and took gas tablets for a month unnecessary so pls do take vomting tablets by consulting ur doc and drink jeera powder in buttermilk my doc told me this tip for gas
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Question: Hi I'm not feeling like eating any thing but feeling very hungry.. suffering from nausea all the day and it is very discomfortable.. food that I'm taking is not getting digested at all . Please suggest something and get me out of this
Answer: Eat little at a time. Increase frequency decrease quantity. Talk to your doctor she might precribe you some vomiting medications
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