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Question: Hi Dr. I've just come bck aftr my IVF ( egg pick up) its been long years since don't have child..

Answer: What exactly if your query dear. I am sharing the diet which is recommended while going through the IVF procedure. It is suggested to eat at least 65 grams of protein every day from the foods like the eggs, flax seeds, fish and lean meats. The vegetarian must eat more of the nuts, beans, soybeans, legumes and the other sources of proteins. Some tips for foods to avoid during IVF Pregnancy :- 1.) Avoid Raw non-vegetarian food. You can take fish but cooked in light gravy. However, ensure that that fish is fresh.  2.) Avoid hotel food or any outside food where you have no control over kitchen. Stick to home cooked food.  3.) Avoid processed or packaged food at all costs.  4.) Absolutely no packaged juice. No matter how ‘real’ they claim to be. Make fresh juice at home. It is best to have fruits.  5.) No cold drinks. They can cause harm that you might not even realize and it causes acidity. Avoid any item that can disturb your bowel movements.  6.) Keep cooking simple. Avoid heavy gravies butter masala types or experimental food, Masterchef types.  7.) Avoid raw and undercooked vegetables. I insisted on cleaning the vegetables in lukewarm water. HOPE THIS HELPS.
Answer: Thnk u... my egg transfer is not yet done.... its fixed on Wednesday .... can u tell me about the diet aftr that n the about the rest i need to take
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Question: Hi Doctor, its been 26 days since my delivery and i still have periods. My delivery was c section and how long usually periods lasts post delivery?
Answer: Hi dear, If the bleeding is mild,then it is a normal thing.youncan expect it to be for a month or so.i hit mine for 20 days and then it stopped.i got my first period from 3 rd month onwards.i too had c section.but if your periods are heavy then it's better you check with your doctor.
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Question: Hi! I've just travelled to another country and there have been flu cases reported here. I'm in my 23rd week. Should I take a flu vaccine??
Answer: please contact a local health centre in that place immediately.
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Question: Im 39 years old..i been married since 9 years.. i can't concevi .. so i saw Dr she advised me to go for Ivf treatment.. im worried it's according our financially poor.. n this treatment is very expressive..i m worried if i don't secciv ... Dr told is she will do donors eggs use...
Answer: you can try for iui if you are having meneses every month and also the sperm test reports are normal. ivf is constly procedure but given when there is no option you need to discuss about insurance and financial cover if applicable
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