29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi dr. I'm 5 mths pregnant, today early morning i puked and found few blood drops coming from my nose.. I'm bit worried why this happened..also my BP was low 95/75 ..plz advise.

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Answer: Pls go to gynecologists and check your bp every week... Also you must be taking a lot of tension.. Relax and Enjoy pregnancy...talk a walk to park in the evening and Mng for fresh air...
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Question: Hai, I am 32 week pregnant, today morning I noticed few drops of blood coming from my nose ( left side). Why I am getting like this
Answer: Hi.. Dear when blood vessels expand then there is increase in blood pressure, which lead to bleeding nostrils. There is nothing to worry. Still, whenever, you see your gynaecologist next, inform about it.
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Question: Hello Dr I'm in my 15 week ...today while passing urine few blood spots was also there and same was found on my pants also.is there any concern .
Answer: Hi dear, Any blood spot it bleeding should not be ignored during pregnancy.please check with doctor soon.though brown discharges in initial stage of pregnancy is normal,but it's always to be in peace by consulting doctor,so that any issues could be sorted soon before it gets worse.
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Question: Blood phlegm came out of mouth and nose today morning, why is it so? Should I consult my Dr?
Answer: hi yes it is better to consult to the doctor near do not avoid this hour why you should avoid taking stimulation if you are getting bleeding you can just put simple saline water nasal drops because it is very safe or in your nose which will help you to give relief in blocked nose and you can also do ajwain saik which will help you
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