16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi Dr.. I have urinary infection.. for which i was asked to do culture test... now the test report says occasional pus cells and no microorganisms seen Culture report says culture yields no growth at the end of 48 hrs

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Answer: hi dear! so the infection is in very small amount then dear. dont worry still you will have to take medicine even if its for small amount dear. so your doctor will prescribe you with some wide range antibiotics that will work with any infection dear. so do visit your doctor. take care.
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    Vijetha Netalkar114 days ago

    Thank you so much for the response

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Question: In my urine culture report occasional pus cells occasional epithelial cells and occasional gram positive cocci in pairs were seen. No significant growth in culture. What does it mean please help me
Answer: You have urine infection. Consult your doctor as soon as possible.
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Question: Hello I had test Hvs culture & Sensitivity report came tody mentioned No growth after 48 hours of inoculation wat its meaning the report is normal? pls reply
Answer: hi dear! it just means that in the high vaginal swab , the sample taken showed no growth of the bacteria which means that there is no infection in the vagina .do dont worry dear. take care.
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Question: i have pressure towards pubic area,like baby is moving over my bladder , no urinary tract infection pus cells 1-2/hpf..what could be the reason ??
Answer: Ur body is getting prepared for ur baby arrival so no need to worry take a walk be active do some exercises
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Question: Im 33 weeks now... there are puss cells seen in urine test... doc asked for culture test. Worried abt uti...is it serious problem? Culture report will take 3days
Answer: Hi dear, dont get to stresses. Wait for reports and UTI is very common during pregnancy and can be treated without any affect on you or baby.
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