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Question: Hi Dr. I dint get any symptoms of delivery till 40 weeks of pregnancy so my gynaecologist told me to admit in the hospital and they gave injection for pain. I dint get much pain and after 24 hours she said i have my pelvis is small 2 cm hence she did c section. Is it really required to do c section if pelvis is small?

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Answer: Yess baby's vaginal delivery depends on ur pelvic dilation when pains start it dilates 10 cm to birth if it not dilated compulsary done c section
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Question: My due date is july 30 but when i consult doctor she told me to get admit on 27th and prefer cytotec induction.. why they opted cytotec induction before due date? Am afraid of c-section..Anyone please help
Answer: Hello, Cytotec is a pill that is given to pregnant women to induce the pain and open the cervix if cervix is not at all dailated . doctor incerts the pill on the cervex, which causes the cervex to soften. as you are only in your 38 week so there must be some reason that your doctor has advised you this. Because there are still 3 weeks . But don't worry dear cytotec will induce the labour pain and you can give birth to your bundle of joy vaginally.. . TC..
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Question: I had c section im getting pain at my back where they have gave injection y
Answer: After the csec it's very common to have back pain.. u have to take good diet.. make ur food with sesame oil, it gives strength to ur backbone.. Take raagi malt everyday.. Don't miss to take the suppliments.. include milk and egg whites in ur diet.. Feeding position is also one of the reason for the backpain.. Choose the correct position for feeding, take back support and the Feed the baby
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Question: If i dint get labour pain ...is it necessary to go for c section?
Answer: no dear, doctor will induce the artificial pain first... but better u try some... dear its normal for some ladies, some times pains are not occur...u can do walk as much u can, do kejal exercise, dance for half an hour not toomuch.... and take pineapple, dates, jaggery milk in yr diet. it will work for yr inducing pain naturally ...gud luck dear.... and have safe pregnancy..
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