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Question: Hi Dr. I am trying for pregnancy n i am getting regular periods for 25 days n from recent from 2 months my periods bleeds for 2 days but eariler 3 to 4 months bleeding was there is this no problem right to conceive please answer me

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Answer: * it's 3 to 4 days bleeding
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Question: Hi, am trying to conceive from the past 6 months, I have regular periods
Answer: Hi! Deciding to try for a baby is exciting. To have a healthy baby there are few things which needs to be workrd upon, Firstly your health- Its not only the woman health but the mans health too is important for a healthy baby , you need to ensure it by sticking to a good diet, maintaining a healthy diet. There are few food which boosts fertility like milk, cheese, yogurt, fatty fish, whole grains, eggs and loads of water and cut down on coffee, alcohol, processes food. Secondly Intercourse- It plays major role in planning a baby, you need to get intimate on the most fertile days of yours which is at your ovulation time, which is generally 11-16 days after your first day of your last period. There are a range of therapies too which boosts the fertility in you. Keep yourself happy-healthy and without stress , enjoy a healthy conjugal life to welcome a healthy baby. You both can consult Dr. to rule out any kind of underlying health issues. Good luck! Good luck!
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Question: Dr prescribed duphaston for getting periods after two months..regular periods but this time no periods for 2 months...even after taking duphaston not getting my periods?
Answer: Hii Pregnancy is not the only reason of no period or delayed once. Missed or late periods happen for many reasons other than pregnancy. Common causes can range from hormonal imbalances to serious medical conditions, stress , extreme exercise, weight loss or weight gain, eating disorders, or it could be your body still working out your better u should first get ur pregnancy check with kit and if negative then consult doctor to detect other reasons of late period. 
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Question: I am trying to conceive for past 6months but not happening.. I am getting regular periods.. Dono what to do
Answer: You can try ovulation kit to know when you are producing egg. Chances are highest on that day
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