Question: Hi dr enaku 3 days aa mrg and night timela white discharge kooda little red discharge aaguthu ena reason?

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Question: Enaku C section panni 3 month aaguthu enaku epo romba white discharge aaguthu ethuku nan enna pannum anybody help me plzzz .
Answer: Hello dear, I dont know this language we have support in this application where you can ask queries in your language in regional chat group where moms will definetly help. If you can ask in english i will surely help right away. 
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Question: I m hving little bit of red discharge for 3 days
Answer: Hi dear, Any red discharges could be risky in must consult with your may not be that dangerous,but preferably checking with doctor would be good.
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Question: Hi my baby night timela thungave matingra milk kudikra oru 10 mints and thungra paduka vecha alugra ithe continu aguthu till mrng. Day la nalla thungra night thunga ena pananum pls help me
Answer: Ask doctor about colic acid drops ... don't eat too much of dhal.. and almonds (badam)
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