7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi dr plz clear i am worrried i escaped to fell on floor i escaped by putting my hand on floor plz let me know if there is any harm to my child??

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Question: I fell down on floor, and hit my belly. Is there any problem for my baby?
Answer: Please consult your gynecologist for further examination .. You are nearing to deliver so please be careful. If you have pains and don't feel any baby movements don't waste even a min rush to the hospital. Wish you a happy and safe delivery.
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Question: Hi all... I am 7 weeks pregnant... Am getting back pain... Please let me know if there are any complications
Answer: Hi. It's very common for you to have back pain during the final trimester and especially during the last weeks. Ensure you take lots of rest. Try to ask some one to give you a oil massage which relaxes the muscles followed by a hot water bath. This helps And then you can use hot water bags which give relief You can use pain balms that help ease the pain And you could also use pillows for better support and maintain a good posture. This helps.
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Question: Hi,i am 37th week pregnanent afi is 9.1 is there any problem.plz let me know
Answer: No problem dear. It adequate. It can increase by drinking lots of water especially coconut water
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