18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi. does anyone feel really very angry or sad or depressed or stresses towards even small matters?? I'm 19week now. I have been like this toward my 4year old darling boy. is this normal. I feel so guilty afterward so I hug him n kiss him later but he s making me nuts

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Answer: Yes due to weakness and tideness this happens.... Try to take rest and eat food frequently
Answer: Hormones. Me too doing lik this only ,,😪😫
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Question: So During My Pregnancy I Was Very Stressed. I Had A Lot Of Anxiety And Lost A Close Family Member All At Once. Now I Have My Baby Is Out And Healthy I Feel Like It All Effected Her. I Notice That She Doesnt Like For Me To Kiss Her, Hug Her Or Show Love. Where Can I Get Her Examined Or Help Her Out With This?
Answer: Hello I went thought the exact same thing lost my dad lost my business n then I got pregnant it's definitely not easy on u or ur baby. My baby got super close to my sister n wouldn't come to me wch is very frustrating. Get interesting get her toys she loves show her how awesome u r get crazy with her things only she can do with u hug her n kiss her alot even if she does not want it she begin to enjoy u n u ll feel elevated. Hope I helped
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Question: Doc i really need little hlp .... m 17th week 5days pregnant so my problem is when ever m peeing m noticing BRIGHT RED colour BLOOD from my vigina with little cramp on my lower abdomen and little back pain .... m worried and sad coz m stuck with that matter and cannot get rid out off this nd nw it started making me feel low all the time .....please help
Answer: Hi,since how many days are you noticing the tinch of blood while passing urine? If it is more than 2-3 days you should inform about this to your Dr to be on the safe side and till than take good rest However this can be just a normal discharge but better to be safe
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Question: My son is 4yr 3 mnth old.. He is very emotional kid but very naughty.. He never obey my words.. Until I say him to punish.. And after saying that he starts crying,, sorry mumma and praying like he is the victim..and if I forgive him again he do the same and if punish him he act like he is scared and make me guilt.. This is him regular activities.. Naughty, not listing anyone,punishment and then sorry and bla bla... But it's hurting me.. I feel guilty for scolding him or beating. I m really not understanding that what should I do..coz he is very emotional but why he became non response when I stop him to do.. And after punishment the same boy again became so scared and emotionally hurt
Answer: You need to take it easy. It's okay for your little one to be naughty. Kids are exploring the eirkd and hence they may make mistakes, never compare your child with others that greatly reduces his morale. Talk to him gently, sometimes it's like getting into your Childs shies and understanding why he might do something that you say no. Sit with him and do the thing with him and try to explain if he does then it may be harmful for him and if it harms to him mom will be hurt. Try to emotionally balance his curiosity. You can stop talking for a while stop interfere for a while and see what he does... If the comes to you to inquire that you are not talking say blatantly that you are hurt and see for his cues. Try to bond with him when he makes mistake. Punishment is a temporary solution. You cannot incorporate values into your child by punishing. Hope it helps! Keep posted here how things go with one month trial. Take care.
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