10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi doctor naku ippudu 9 week . But yesterday night nundi vomting motions and backpain vachai... kani back pain chala chala heavy ga undi . Please help me mam.... please suggest me..

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Answer: now you are on your 9 week dear. it is completely normal and caused by increased hcg levels in the body.For morning sickness and nausea, Try eating food that u like.Try your favourite fruits Go out and walk early morning for 20 mins. Do not drink water early in the morning in empty stomach. First eat something solid and then drink water Drink lemon water. Drink ginger water. These remedies usually help alot of women.
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Question: Naku teeth pain chala heavy ga undi em cheyali home reesies kuda support avadam ledhu what can i do ?suggest me
Answer: Hello dear, Generally, if dental work is required to treat a toothache, the recommended time for treatment is during the second trimester of pregnancy. ... Over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen are avoided as these are not considered safe during pregnancy. Some drugs are considered safe for pain management. And for the treatment You should consult ur doctor. you can use warm water with salt, apply salt with masturd oil, apply only masturd oil, it will help to reduce toothache. Take care urself...
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Question: Mam nenu 9 week pregnent ..kani yesterday night nundi ekkuvaga motions , vomtings and backpain vachai.. backpain chala ekkuvaga undi.. please help me mam .. please suggest me...
Answer: Hello dear, I dont know this language we have support in this application where you can ask queries in your language in regional chat group where moms will definetly help. If you can ask in english i will surely help right away. sorry about that.
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Question: Hello mam evening nundi my stomach chala gattiga undi uneassyga undi tight ga undi why man please tell me
Answer: It will be so bcz baby is growing.. and gas problems kuda untai
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