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Question: Hi doctor till how many months should v use belly belt after c section ?

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Answer: Hi dear Ideally till 6 months of age of baby one must continue to put maternity belt for effective result.after the stiches heal you can start wearing it.
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Question: Hi After c section till how many months v should not go for husband relationship?
Answer: Hello dear, it's better to wait for atleast 6 weeks after delivery...but it's best to wait until your c section wound heals thoroughly...
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Question: After how many days of c section belly belt should be use
Answer: Hello dear. Abdominal belt should be used only after a month, as it takes about 25 days for the stitches to heal. You can also confirm with your doctor. The abdominal belt holds the loose flesh around the belly and thus makes each movement easier. As your abdomen is held firmly in place, your incision wounds heal quickly. Take care.
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Question: hi i want to know till how many months should i use tummy belt after csec..
Answer: Still ur stomach goes in u should use tummy belt, not only belt will reduce ur tummy bt u should do some exercise too, Happy motherhood, if ur satisfied with my answer plz mark it as useful
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