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Question: Hi , doctor suggestion to go for laparoscopy , is there is any risk , after this treatment , can we conceive naturally or again we need to go ivi or ivf .

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Answer: It depends on your health condition dear if everything goes well then there are chances that you can conceive naturally but if there is some issue then you will need to go through IVF in future
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    Deepa Saba642 days ago

    After laparoscopy, how many days we need to take rest , do we have any side effects , i am very tensed about that can u pls guide me.....

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Question: Is there any symptom for natural delivery during pregnancy? Or do we need to act according to doctor suggestion?
Answer: Hi! You need to listen to wht your Dr.says but getting mentally prepared fr a Normal delivery is important.and contribute your bit towards the process by not panicing or get anxious unnecessarily, going for the regular check ups is important, taking a full fruit and egg daily to get nutrients will help.. Do your daily household chores without much straining walk slow for 30 min or do yoga under supervision of trainers.. Avoid relaxed happy and positive abt yourself.. Hope this helps!
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Question: How can we co conceive twins is there any treatment or techniques to conceive twins
Answer: Hi dear, Unfortunately there are no natural ways to conceive twins.they are mostly genetic.also in not of the cases,women who are on ovulation treatment also have tendency to release multiple eggs,there by having multipl it is a random process.
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Question: Hi can we conceive after fertile there any problem for pregnancy?
Answer: Yes you can. Its just that during fertility the chances is high but in other days also you can get pregnant. There wont be any issue.
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