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Question: Hi doctor my LMP was dec 27,usually i got my periods on 25th day of the cycle,but this month i missed it ,am i pregnant ?is it better to do UPT now

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Answer: hi dear! you can take urine pregnancy test but its better if you do a blood beta hcg test to check for the values of the beta hcg in the blood . if the values are more than 25-50 it will confirm the pregnancy but if the values are less than 5 then the pregnancy is non viable dear. so better do this blood test as it is more confirmatory dear and also sometimes the urine pregnancy test is false positive or negative. take care dear! i hope this information was helpful!
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Question: I am 28 year, we are trying to get pregnant fro 3 months, I had taken naturogest for 15 days from 15th day of period. My LMP oct 27. Usually I got periods on 27 or 28th day of my cycle, but this is 31th day, still I don't have periods, and my hcg card test results negative. What does this means?
Answer: Hi,this indicates that you have not conceived You should consult your Dr and if your Dr suggest you should repeat the test after a week t check.
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Question: Mam usually I have 27 days cycle. And it's regular also. But this time I got periods after the 34 days cycle. 25 th Nov was my first day of the periods. Am trying to get pregnant. Please help me
Answer: The normal circle range between 27 to 35 days.. So having a cycle in that phase is alright..
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Question: I have a 30 days cycle usually but this month i got my periods on my 36th day of my last periods. What will be my ovulation day?
Answer: Try 'maya' will give you all the details u need
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