12 months old baby

Question: Hi doctor.. My one year old daughter is getting small pimples on her body..it's really looking weird ND it also itching making baby more uncomfortable.. Plz do reply.

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Answer: Hello dear It might be heat rash and which is very common in babies. Heat rash is caused when sweat gets trapped under the skin because of blocked pores. It's usually caused by exposure to hot or humid weather. Treatment for heat rash: 1. Loosen or remove your baby's clothing, and move him into an air-conditioned room or a shady spot. 2. Use a fan to dry and cool him off, rather than rubbing him with a towel. 3. Avoid using creams and ointments that contain petroleum or mineral oil
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Question: My daughter is 25 days old she is getting small pimples on face and body
Answer: Hi! The whiteheads like bumps are normal for babies to get at this age, it is mostly mothers hormone which is still there as a holdover from pregnancy. 1) Dont scratch, scrub or squeeze. 2) Dont use lotion, soap or cream in the affected area. You need to wash it gently and wait it will be over in few days time. Good luck!
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Question: Hi suggest me best bath soap for 1.5 years old baby. Coz of more sun line and swet my daughter getting small pimples on hole body
Answer: It's because of heat...instead soap...do oil massage with coconut , olive oil well and make her bath with Himalaya baby soap...give more fluids to stay hydrated
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Question: My baby getting small pimples on her face and on her body wat to do
Answer: use derma dew baby soao & moisoft lotion..my baby had also same problem but now he is fine
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