8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi Doctor, My last period date was 7 Sep, My pregnenacy report is positive. When can i go for scanning.

Answer: You should go for an ultrasound now for detection of baby's heartbeat and for confirming the period of pregnancy. You should take folic acid supplements.
Answer: Now you can go and have a check
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    Anusha Vadlamudi113 days ago

    On which week baby heart beat will form?

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Question: Hello my last period date was 1 sep nd i checked my pregnancy report is positive. Now what precautions to take? When to consult doctor?
Answer: Consult as soon as possible. Don't delay. Meanwhile don't eat papaya and pineapple. Don't lift heavy things. While picking any object from ground don't bend directly. Get down on both knees. While getting up in morning, first turn on a side and then get up. Last one don't go for long distance travelling. If you have to then consult doctor first
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Question: On what basis doctor calculate weeks. Last period date or conception date. Because i had TVS scan today doctor said now nothing is visible she told me to come after 2 weeks for scanning again. Urine test is positive. Y nothing is visible in scanning. My last period was sep 4th. N my conception date is sep 21. Can someone give me clarity please
Answer: From first day of LMP. If you came for usg earlier than 6 weeks completed hardly you will see embryo. Heartbeating can be detected at 7 weeks onwards so doctor suggested right
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Question: Hi my last period date was 14 sep 2018 but already test weak positive
Answer: Hi dear if the test is positive even if the lines are faded then nothing to worry dear. Congratulation u r pregnant. Do visit ur doctor and get the instructions from ur doctor
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