16 months old baby

Question: Hi doctor my daughter is 1 year and 3 months old she is facing diarrhoea please let me know what precautions can be taken

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Answer: Hello dear give her baby ORS water every half an hour gap. Dont give heavy food. And dont force her for food. Go to doctor for good treatment.
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    Reshma Rajesh1189 days ago

    Thank you for response

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Question: hi madam my daughter is 1 year 3 months old she is active and healthy but she is not fat
Answer: Hi dewr if baby is having a proper weight and acitve then u shouldn't be worried on it. It is not necessary for baby to be fat. Also baby features depends on parents.
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Question: Winter is arriving, wanted to know what precautions should be taken for 1 year 3 months old baby so that je doesnt catch cold?
Answer: Hi. . I have baby of same age of yours dear. And i will share some daily routine to prevent baby from cold. In morning when you give milk to baby then give 1-2 soaked almonds(make a paste) and a pinch of nytmeg powder. Second you need to prepare a oil by boiling garlic and ajwain in mustard oil when cooles down remove garlic and ajwain and store it you have massage baby with this oil twice or once , luke warm oil before massage.make sure you cover your baby properly after massage. Third is to give your baby a spoon or two of ajwain water. Just mix a small amountbof ajwain in 5-6 spoon of water anf boil hen the remaining water is 2 spoon cool it down and remive ajwain now give this water ro baby daily. These would prevent your baby from cold.
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Question: Hi... My baby is 77 days old...Please let me know whether lemon rice can be taken during breastfeeding...
Answer: Yes you can take lemon rice there won't be any harm in your breast feed or to your baby.
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