4 months old baby

Question: Hi doctor ...my baby 5 months 3 days.my brest milk not enough.he is not gaining proper weight ...what milk needs to give for baby? Can i give cerlac to my baby.plz amswer

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Answer: Give formula milk for the baby along with breast milk. Can use naan or similac. It's good for the baby. You can start giving semi solid foods in the sixth month.
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Question: Can I give cerlac for my 3 months old baby
Answer: Hello Doctors suggest to start semi solids and pureed fruits till ur baby Whn the baby is 6 months old. The baby digestive system cannot digest the complex carbohydrate baby might have constipation indigestion or loose motions. Feeding solids dis early can harm baby s digestive system forever. Breastmilk only till ur baby is 6 months old then u can start semi solids.
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Question: my baby is not gaining weight since 1.5 months. what can i give to gain weight?
Answer: Hello Keep your baby well hydrated it is very important in such season. For the baby to gain weight you can include ghee or butter tossed meals as oils and fats give energy and increase weight. Include bananas Yogurt ragi oats mashed potatoes dal eggs fruit juices. You can also give them new finger food prepared at home like French fries or other creative things recipes are found online. You can give them seasonal fruits that are tasty and healthy. Hope I helped
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Question: Can i give cerlac for my baby 5 months old
Answer: Hi dear, sure you can start feeding ceralac to your baby. This is the right time I also started at 5th month. Take carw
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