8 months old baby

Question: Hi doctor, my baby is 8 months old she is wearing diapers all the time. Does it effect the walking style of my baby?

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Answer: Noo..it doesn't affect
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Question: Hello.. My baby is 9months old nd she is wearing diapers 2 times in 24 hours... Is it fine to keep the baby in diapers all the time? We're using pampers diaper pants
Answer: Hello! You can keep the baby in diapers most of the time. Most of the time because, you should be giving some diaper free time also to the baby. Also make sure that you change the diaper every 4--5 hours to ensure hygiene. Take care
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Question: Hii... my baby girl is 8 months old n she is walking in toe most of the time.. is it a problem??
Answer: Hi,do you mean to say your baby has started walking,as it is too early ideally baby starts to walk after 11 months. In any case it is ok as if the baby is walking on the tiesyou should teach your baby to put the entire feet down and help the baby to walk s alone walking in ties can put more preassure on toes
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Question: Hello all, plz suggest pant style diapers are safe for new born baby specially if baby is wearing diaper day nd night ?
Answer: Hi... actually it's gud to avoid diapers for the babies especially for the new born...bcoz the skin of the new born is very soft...if u use diapers during day and night the baby may suffer from skin rashes,skin burn etc...and they don't feel comfortable...if u have to use diapers continuously ,u can change the diapers for every four hours... instead of diapers u can use cotton clothes...this is far better when compared to diapers...
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