19 months old baby

Question: hi doctor, my baby is 18 months old......nw 9 kg. ...birth weight 2.9 kg...she is not taking good properly....for getting hungry what i can give her???

Answer: Hi! Pls dont give anything to increase hunger, follow wht or how he wants to hv food naturally..between 1-2 yrs the weight gain of babies r comparatively slow because of increased activities, hence following natutal cues is important.. Please dont force the baby to eat, i know and can understand that how difficult it becomes when your baby rejects food and do not want to have anything. 1)Please try and introduce more variety to his platter, he will start accepting real soon. 2)Eat along include him in family meals 3)Dont force or distract feed 4)Encourage him to self feed. Try them his interest towards food will increase. Take care!
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Question: My baby is 4 month old her birth weight was 2.9 kg.. Nw she is 6.5kg. Is that normal?
Answer: Hi! Your baby is doing very good in terms of weight i dont see any need to increase weight because unnecessary weighr gain is cause of many health issues. According to WHO guidelines baby should double the birth weight at 6 months and i am sure baby is active and meeting milestones. So pls dont worry... Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 10 months old .. her weight is 8 kgs birth weight 2.9 kg ... she is not increasing her weight
Answer: Try some weight gaining foods like potato banana sweet potato
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Question: my baby is 3 months old her weight during birth 2.9 now it's 4.7 .is it properly gain or not?
Answer: Hey, On an average newborn is suppose to gain 400-700gms in a month so that by the time he is 6months old his birthweight is doubled. Also net weight gain during first month is low as baby loses some of his weight during first few weeks after birth. So don't worry all is good with your baby. maintain a timely feeding schedule to help him gain weight at steady pace.
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