2 months old baby

Question: Hi doctor... My baby is 1 month and 15 days old he spit up alot even if he burp after feeding then also. Sometimes he spit up like curd type and sometimes while feeding he spit upa whole milk. He strectes body and his face becomes red and feels like he is restless . Please suggest what should i do.

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Answer: Try to keep the baby upright for 10-15 min after feed even if the baby has burped.. spit ups are quite common.. Don't worry
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Question: If baby sleep while feeding how can i burp him.becoz after dometime he wake up and spit milk.
Answer: Hello dear. Lift your baby up to your shoulder while supporting his/her head and neck. Pat or rub your baby's back with a firm open hand to help release the trapped air. If you lift him/her higher and let his/her belly rest lightly against your shoulder, this can help press out the air inside. Take care.
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Question: my baby takes so much time to take burp and he sleeps while breast feeding n then don't take burp and then milk came out from his mouth in the form of curd..!! help
Answer: hi, after feeding keep the baby on your shoulders for at least 10-15 mins. If you do so, even if he doesn't burp it is absolutely fine.
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Question: Sometimes my boy tightens his entire body (like folds his wrist n mouth tightly)a angry expression even his face becomes red n makes eeeee sound .is that normal thing
Answer: Its normal only Mam.. Babies mood will be change..
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