3 months old baby

Question: Hi Doctor...my baby is 79 days old and in night she sleeps continuously for 5 to 6 hours..is this impact her health.? She is 5.3 kgs.

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Answer: Her weight is absolutely fyn. She will get up when she will be hungry. Dnt worry
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Question: My baby is 67 days old and she sleeps for 6 hours without feeding at night... Is this normal
Answer: Try waking her up and feed every 3 hours. Doctors advices to do so till tey they achieve good weight or up to 6 months
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Question: My 2 months baby sleeps continuously for 5-6 hours in the night without feed,shoyld i Wake her up and feed?
Answer: Hi dear even my baby was like this, in my home they suggested not to interrupt his sleep. But when I consulted with doctor she advised to feed him 3 hours once until 3months. Then feed whenever he demands
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Question: My baby is 57 days old. Her sleep cycle is very poor. She neither sleeps at night nor during the day time. What should be done to make a her sleep at night continuously for 4-5 hours???
Answer: Baby sleeping cycles are shorter than adults to establish sleeping pattern follow some rules like give ur baby a chance to nap frequently, teach ur baby the difference between day and night by doing light on and off. As a mother understand the signs that ur baby is tired. Make a bedtime routine for ur baby like getting ur baby change for bed and singing lullaby and giving him a goodnight kiss.
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