37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi doctor I m in 36 weeks of pregnancy Want to know how to increase the intelligence of baby? And how to make baby healthy??

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Answer: Dear to increase the intelligence of the baby just think right, read good books and also stay happy you can add some dry fruit that will also help to increase the intelligence and weight of the baby..
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Question: How many times the baby can make a moments per day in 36 weeks of pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear this may vary because if you do any physical exercise or walking we can see the baby movement more than 10 if you don't have any physical motion it is it will be very less try to walk at least 2 hours a day do some physical and pelvic exercise
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Question: Hi I m 36 weeks pregnant i want to know how we are able to know to weight of a baby
Answer: Hello! The weight of the baby is only checked through a usg scan. There is no other way apart from ultra sound scan. Take care
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Question: Hi i m krupali ..i want to know that how to increase water level in placenta? And what are the reasons to low level of water?
Answer: watet you mean amniotic fluid right? AFI i.e amniotic fluid index . its level increases and decreases according to your life style. drink loads and loads of fluid either in the form of water , coconut water, fruit juices , milkshakes, curd , daal etc etc.
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