2 months old baby

Question: Hi doctor, i had 55 days baby i can eat egg

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Answer: Hello... dear it is said to avoid egg during feeding,it may cause indigestion to baby
Answer: Hello.. Dear it is advisable to avoid egg during feeding,it may cause indigestion
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Question: Can i eat egg my baby is 54 days old
Answer: Hello ma... Yes you can eat ma... Breast feeding woman eat: A balanced diet includes: Starchy foods, such as bread, potato, pasta and rice. ... Some dairy produce, such as a yoghurt or a glass of milk . Some protein, such as lean meat, fish, eggs, or pulses. Plenty of fruit and vegetables  I hope its useful.. if it is helpful for you .. please click the thumbs up👍symbol Thank you..😍
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Question: my baby is 93 days old can i eat egg
Answer: The baby is in the growing stage and needs lots of proteins. Mothers must eat lots of proteins for 2 reasons . one to meet the growing baby’s requirement and for self healing . Eggs are good source of protein specially egg whites. Please do take eggs, its is good for both of u.
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Question: Hai I had c sec delivery can I eat egg
Answer: Dear as its showing that your baby is 1 months so yes you can add egg in your daily diet but its important to see how baby's digestion reacts to it. So eat egg and then wait for 2-3 days if baby's digestion is fine and normal then you can add 1 egg in your daily diet...
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