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Question: Hi doctor i got period on 6 Sep 2018 and I have checked on 20 Oct the result as weakly positive after that I haven't consultated doctor and I got period on 25 Oct so I have went to hospital but in the blood test it got negative so what do u mean by this whether I got pregnency at that time or not. I am trying to conceive now but I am not so pls suggest

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Answer: hi dear! there was no pregnancy dear. you will have to take a few test like amh test and tsh to see if the values are normal as they will let us know your ovarian reserve and if tsh is high that is the reason you will not get pregnant dear. so do these test and start taking folic acid dear. and try timing your ovulation window so that you can have intercourse in the exact same time dear. it usually takes place between 10-15th day of your periods dear. so you can plan your intercourse in that time . take care dear. i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: I got married dec 30- 2018 and my last periods was on dec 15 -2018... and i checked two times about pregnency and the result was weakly pregnent.. Why it is so?
Answer: Hi dear, Weakly positive still confirms your pregnancy.its just your HCG levels are low.also the time of the ay our test using urine matters too.ideally you should get it with first urine of morning.the late you test the urine gets diluted and the pregnancy hormones in it reduces.sonthat could be one of the reason also get your beta HCG level tested through blood test.that would give you clear picture of your status.anf by now you should also get your first scan done.
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Question: I had checked the urine test. The result was positive. But i went to hospital. Their had checked the blood test.. that blood test result was pregnant negative.. i am confused sadly.. my last period date was 25th February.
Answer: Hi dear the urine test result is positive then the blood report should have been a positive Idli but unfortunately blood report gives you an 100% accurate result hence we need to go with that report but your doctor my also prescribe you a few other tests to check as to why the report of urine has become positive .. Hope this helps!
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Question: My last period was 20 sep 2018 I got positive pregnancy on 22 Oct 2018 I went to scan they saw only sac no heartbeat I m worried
Answer: Hi dear, don't worry it might take few more weeks to be visible. It is common. For me the heartbeat was visible at 8th week.
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