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Question: Hi Doctor i got 2 times miscarriage but no baby ,did blood test for recessive miscarriage its came normal.What i will do,i am stress..Help me plz

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Answer: First of all don't stress urself. Daily stress can disrupt fertility. The first step to reducing stress is to understand that what you are feeling is completely normal. Stress can be one of the primary factors behind infertility. Its better to reduce stress to get pregnant.
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    bhabani dora1036 days ago

    Thanks for da reply..But i am a wrking lady in Software company, is that wrk load will b a stress?

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    Anonymous1036 days ago

    Yes stress in any way is harmful

Answer: Avoid stress. Tension stress over-thinking also causes effect on pregnancy. Physical activity should be limited. No hard work or heavy lifting. Avoid heat causing food.
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    bhabani dora1037 days ago

    Thanks for da response..I have one baby of 5yr.Still after that 2 miscarriage fir 2 nd baby.Is it any genetic issue?? Doctor given 20 Thousands bill of test.Should i go with that or not?

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