22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi Doctor, I am working professional and wanted to ask can I work till my due date

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Answer: Hi dear working till due date depends on your health and on your comfort entirely there is no hard and fast rule that you have to leave your job and sit back at home during your pregnancy because it is not a disease it rather makes you more strong so if you are comfortable and if you do not have any health issues your doctor has not asked you to sit back then please go ahead and continue your work more so if you want to continue even after pregnancy then taking leaves from now is not a wise decision because you would need more leaves once you deliver your baby.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi all. I just wanted to ask that for 2 days i am little stressed due to work. Will it harm my baby
Answer: Hii dear always stress will effect ur baby health one r 2 days doesn't matter but avoid stress when u feel stress listens ur fevarat music whatc movie go out side with ur partner do something other when u feel stress u just avoid ur stress hope it will help u.
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Question: Hello Dr. I am a working woman with 36 weeks pregnancy can I continue my work up to my due date? Can I sit for 8 hours daily?
Answer: Hiii Yes you can but intermitingly walk is necessary.
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Question: Hello, i am working lady can i work till 8 month
Answer: You can work till you feel comfortable. It will be beneficial to apply maternity leaves in 9th month as than you will require more time to be spent with your baby👶..
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