20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi doctor.. I am in my 5 th month. I consumed moringa leaves curry (drumsticks leaves curry) yesterday. Is it not safe in pregnancy? I'm having stomach pain, loose motion . Why is it tht? Does moringa leaves cause miscarriage

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Question: Hi iam 4 th month pregnant can i eat drumsticks curry is it safe? Pls tell me
Answer: Hello dear, drumsticks is very good during pregnancy it has lots of vitamins and minerals essential for baby growth. It helps to reduce morning sickness, regulate blood sugar and maintains it to prevent gestational diabetes, it is full of iron and calcuim therefore good for the strengthening of mother's bone . It will increase hb count and hence reduce chances of anemia.it prevents constipation and helps to soothe stomach upsets.
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Question: I m having stomach pain and loose motion.doctor told me to take bifilac tablet.Is it safe?why i have frequent loose motion and stomach pain?
Answer: Hi dear. if you talked to have given you this medicine then definitely it is safe for you and you can also try Rice Water because it is really helpful in curing loose motion and stomach pain . boys sunrise in water and extract starch out of it then add A Pinch of salt , then drinkwater twice a day it will definitely help you .
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Question: I consumed pineapple jam 2 times by mistake in my 5 and 6th week of pregnancy . Does this cause miscarriage ?
Answer: No dear it won’t harm don’t worry. But I request you not to use any jams and sweet in your early pregnancy. Because it might cause body heat and it will lead to miscarriage. Take care watch your diet and eat healthy.
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