35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi doctor.....kuch dino se chakkar araha hai aur nausia feel hota hai...kabhi kabhi vometing bhi hoti hai.....constipetion bahut zyada hai......is it normal??...m 35 weeks pregnant...plz reply

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Answer: Hello dear,  Here are some tips for preventing and easing constipation... Have a fiber rich foods that includes wholewheat, oats, grains and cereals, Include lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet,include it in the form of sabji,porriyal,salad,you can drink beetroot juice regularly it prevents against constipation and also prevents Anemia.Eat guava with breakfast it will help a lot, Make a habit of eating figs and prunes daily ,start your day with having soaked dry fruits it will relieve you from constipation. Drink lot of water,stay yourself hydrated,also include fresh juice ,can also have veggies soup best remedy for constipation. Banana smoothie, figs smoothie will be more effective in reducing constipation. Exercise regularly. Walking, swimming, riding a stationary bike, and yoga can all ease constipation and leave you feeling more fit and healthy. Try another prenatal vitamin. If your prenatal multivitamin contains a large dose of iron (and you're not anemic), ask your healthcare provider about switching to a supplement with less iron. If it persist ,it is better to consult doctor, they will prescribe laxative.. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
Answer: Hello dear, dizzness ka main reason low blood pressure and dehydration hota h. To aap blood pressure cheek krwa lijiye. Kai bar jyada der hungry rhne ke Karan v aisa hota h. To jyada se jyada liquid diet lijiye aur thori thori der pr kuch na kuch khate rahiye. Agar fir v sahi na lge to ek bar apni gynoclosit se consult kijiye. Apna khayal rakhiye...
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Question: mai 10 week ki pregnant hu aur mujhe weakness bahut feel hoti hai .gas ki problem bhi rahati hai aur pet Me kabhi dard mahsoos hota hota
Answer: Gastric problem is normal in pregnancy and it may cause of cramps in stomach. One of the more effective ways to remedy gas during pregnancy is to monitor your diet. The hormone progesterone is one of the main causes of excess gas during pregnancy. As your body produces more progesterone to support your pregnancy, progesterone relaxes muscles in your body. This includes the muscles of your intestine. Slower moving intestine muscles mean that your digestion slows down. This allows gas to build up, which in turn leads to bloating, burping, and flatulence. 1. Drink plenty of fluids 2. Stay active and do walk and yoga. 3. Cut down gassy foods like potatoes, wheat, broccoli,egg plant etc. 4. Rich fibre food intake, figs, and bananas, and vegetables, as well as whole grains like oats and flax meal are all good fiber boosters to consider. 5. Light meal often and moderate amount. 6. Fennel seeds and buttermilk for easy digestion.. 7. Eat smaller meals more frequently instead, which not only helps reduce gas but also can help control your blood sugar levels. 8. Slow down how fast you eat. The faster you eat, the more likely you will swallow air with your food, contributing to gas. 9. For serious gas, please consult your doctor she might prescribe an anti-gas medication for proper treatment.
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Question: m 33 week pregnant... mujhe kabhi kabhi niche bahut heavy feel hota hai... bahut pressure feel hota hai..kya yeh normal hai??
Answer: women report vaginal and pelvic pressure in the first and second trimesters.As your baby grows and becomes heavier, it puts increasing pressure on the muscles in your pelvic floor. These muscles offer support to the uterus, small intestine, bladder, and rectum. As your pregnancy progresses, your little one gets very tight,cosy and warm against your organs which puts more stress on, well, everything!Your joints, muscles, and bones will be impacted by your pregnancy. Unfortunately, the increased pressure you’re feeling won’t go away until delivery. To immediately relieve the pressure, try lying down on your side and focusing on breathing. You can also try the following ideas. Perform a few pelvic exercises, like pelvis tilts and rolls. Try relaxing in a soothing bath with warm water (not hot). You can also stand in the shower and aim the water at your back. avoid sudden movements if possible. Try not to twist at the waist. Instead, work on turning your whole body. Get a prenatal massage who specializes in treating pregnant women. Try to sit down as much as you can. Elevate your feet if possible.
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Question: hi I m 7 weeks pregnant aur muje kabhi kabhi bahut chakkar aate Hain aur kabhi kabhi lower abdomen main mild main bhi hota hai is all ok
Answer: Hi! Dizziness in pregnancy is due to the rising hormones that cause your blood vessels to relax and widen. It is pretty normal and happens to lot of women. Avoid standing for long time, eat regularly and get up slowly without sudden movements. Always wear comfortable clothes and take warm showers. It is common to have abdominal pain as the ligaments surrounding your uterus stretch during your first trimester. Try moving around slowly, lie down and relax with your feet up. If the pain is severe and includes vaginal bleeding or burning during urination then please consult your Doctor at the earliest. Don't worry it will all be good.
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