11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi Docter, as per my last scan my pregnancy weeks 9 my last period was on 29th May. Per last period pregnancy weeks should be 10. Is the difference in 1 week is normal?

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Answer: The difference of 1 week is negligible you can stick as per your LMP date, however the if the gap is more than a week then stick to your USG period.
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Question: Hi i am 2 weeks ahead as per my scan. So, which should be considered my actual last periods week or weeks as per the scan???
Answer: Dear you can count your weeks & months by your last LMP. But the EDD will be according to the scan in report. The EDD on the scanning report is more accurate because it's based on the baby's growth. If you are two weeks ahead as per scanning report, then the delivery will be early. But nothing to worry. Anytime after 37 weeks I'd perfectly ok for delivery because the baby will be full term by then.
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Question: As per last scan pregnancy weeks is 9 weeks but my last period was on 29th May . Pregnancy weeks should be 10weeks . Is it normal?
Answer: For me as per Lmp its 12 weeks but actually its 11 weeks.. Its because of late conception.. Nothing to worry its normal..
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Question: My last LMP was on 18/3/2019 actually it should be my 11th week of pregnancy...bt my doctor said me baby is 10 weeks 1 fay today wats the difference and which is true?please help me
Answer: Hi dear,as ur 10 weeks have completed,it will be count as 11 weeks,means ur 11 th week is going.Hope this will help.
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