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Hi doc, today i observed grey mucus one time and tomorrow is my period due... Please let me know is this mucus color is normal

Hi doc's..!!My last due date was 6thNov at late night .I'm confused of myself of am I pregnant or not ..??coz I have been having pain on my nipples from 3weeks & My boobs have become heavy from nearly a week..!!This months due date is a two days before & I'm really worried & stressed out about my pregnancy matters....I got married at 21/05/2017
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    Farookkhanffk45 days ago

    Pls somebody reply me soon

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Question: My twins are 2months old n in one twin i observed grey stools what does this indicate? Is this normal?
Answer: Hello dear, The green poop is nothing to worry about. Breastfed babies' poos naturally vary in colour from greenish-brown  or mustard yellow... formula-fed babies can have dark green poop as well and it can be totally normal. But if your baby is consistently doing explosive green poos, there's often a reason for it: another reason is, your baby may be gulping a lot of milk at once. Or sensitive to medication that you're taking, such as antibiotics or iron supplements. He may also be sensitive to any medication he's having, or a vaccination he's just had. Your baby may be reacting to something you’ve eaten. As well as having green poos. See your doctor if your baby has loose, waterystools for 24 hours, or if diarrhea is accompanied by dehydration, vomiting, fever or blood in stool. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one
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Question: Hi my little one is 4 months old, and she is passing green color potty from yesterday, please advise if it os necessary to visit doctor and also let me know why the stool is green in color..please
Answer: Hello... Green colour poop indicate an imbalance of fore milk or hind milk, offering green colour frothy stool,it can be due to sensitivity to something in mother's diet, it an also be due to your baby is drinking more milk in one time,this can hit his tummy too fast,and creates air bubbles and make green poop,since your baby is in breastfeeding, mother's diet play an vital role in digestion process, so it should fullfill baby's need Mother's should take food in regular intervals, you can 5-6 small meals, will helps to reduce gas. Please don't Starve yourself,it will increase the problem Take fiber rich diet, comprises of wholegraibs,cereals, millets Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, you can also take veg with high water content like pumpkin, cucumber, raddish,plantain stem,celery,it can taken in the form of soups,salads,sabji Avoid caffeine,cold drinks,packed foods,deep fried items Keep yourself hydrated,drink 10 - 12 glasses of water, you can also have fruit juice too Drink butter milk will reduce dehydration and releives for constipation Intake of figs and prunes will help your baby releive in constipation Boil water with ajwan seed ,you drink and feed baby,it helps a lot for indigestion Thank you
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Question: Today I fainted and I observed that my baby had been active for a longer period of time. Is it normal at this month?
Answer: Yes normal dear..Enjoy this phase bond with baby.. Active baby is sign of healthy baby...
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