35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi , doc suggested me argipreg powder to take for one week ?? Does anyone had this powder, my baby weight is 1509 gms only,please anyone explain????

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Answer: Yes arg9 is completely safe during pregnancy as it helps prevent anemia and helps in proper growth of the fetus. It prevents birth defects. It is used of the formation of connective tissues. Dr recommended for me also. Take protein rich diet and small meal in every 2 hours.
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Question: Hi doc, there is 3 cord around baby neck, baby weight is 1509 gms only, is it because of cord, my baby is not gaining weight???? Please anyone explain???
Answer: Hello dear... Because of the baby's movement the cord has come... Baby will start gaining rapid weight in 8th and 9th month... You should eat healthy foods... And take protein powder also
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Question: Hi doc, fetus size is 31 to 32 weeks maturity baby weight is 1509 gms please anyone explain???? Is it normal?
Answer: No it is very low ..... For my baby also 1950grams 32 weeks doc told me baby weight low ....then she suggested protein powder...daily two eggs
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Question: Hi doc now baby weight is 1509 gms only when will increase , my due date is 18 may, you told u have only one month time to increase baby weight what to do please anyone explain??? In scan it is mentioned igur baby???? I am stressed about this
Answer: Don't worry dear.... We all pray for ur baby... Don't worry... If u feel stressed it can harm ur baby
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