3 months old baby

Question: Hi Doc, My baby girl will complete 3 months in another 3 days. Her weight before 1 week was 5.2kg. Is she on right track on weight gain? I am worried now that my milk has reduced a little so i keep feeding her more frequently. Is it something to worry? Thanks in advance

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Answer: Wt. Is fyn. Dnt worry
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Question: Hi, my girl is 16 days old. She hasn't passed motion since yesterday. She is on breastfeeding and Formula feed. I'm feeding her frequently. She is however urinating. Please suggest a remedy to make her pass motion. Thanks in advance!
Answer: Nothing to worry it's normal sometimes babies won't pass stool for 3-5 days.
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Question: hello mommy's and doctors....plzz solve my queries... my baby is 3 months 4 weeks old... her birth weight was 2.200kg. now her weight is 5.050kg. is it normal weight. one more question how many times should I feed her in a whole day. she is completely on bf. plzz any one reply me. am worried about her. thanks in advance..
Answer: Hello ! Ideal weight gain of the baby should be 30 gms per day . The weight of your baby as per that is perfect and you dont need to worry about it . Keep feeding your baby. Every 2 hrs .
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Question: hi mommies.. my angel is one month old.. when she born her weight was 3150gms and now 2895gms.. she's having breast milk.. after feeding she's sleeping n some tyms she plays.. she do pee 6 to 8 tyms a day.. and potty 3 days once.. but y do my baby is not gaining weight.. im worried so much about her.. im feeding her every two hours.. plz suggest me what can i do to gain her weight.. thanks in advance
Answer: Hii dear. Dis is normal. Baby loose weight after birth as most of their weight includes water. Once dey born dere water starts drying due to which their weight starts getting loose. So nothing to get tensed. U r doing well.
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