1 months old baby

Question: Hi doc, it been 10 days my baby is making 'thag' sound while breathing. I massaged her with warm mustard oil. still she makes the sound and also there is a lil mucous in her nose. In the night i think she feels uncomfortable while breathing thats why she cries a lot. What to do

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Answer: Use saline nasal drops.. one drop in each nostril twice a day. Do read all instructions on the bottle.. sometimes nose blockage in babies is difficult to know
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Question: My baby girl makes a gurgling sound whole night while sleeping or awake..while making the sound she makes faces
Answer: your daughter is beautiful! Often newborns surprise their parents with the amount of noise they make when they breathe, particularly after eating. The cells which line the nasal passages make a similar amount of mucus as they would in an adult, but the surface to volume ratio of the nasal passages is much larger. Newborn sounds abound. Proportionally there is much more mucus in a newborn than in an older child. This is why it is completely normal for newborns to sneeze frequently. Gurgling is a normal part of being a baby. In some babies though, the trachea or windpipe is too floppy. If the noise you hear is primarily when she is breathing in, or if she makes a crowing noise, let your doctor know. There are a few conditions where the structures of the nose, mouth, or throat may not have formed completely. This is correctable, if noticed, so here are a few things you might look for: your baby turns blue or white during feeding or gurgling your baby is not gaining weight well your baby develops a significant cough your baby cannot cry your baby does not seem satisfied after feeding If any of these occur you should see your doctor to determine the cause of the gurgling. Otherwise, relax and enjoy the magical time when your daughter is so small. In only a few months she will have doubled in weight and these precious newborn sounds will be a thing of the past.
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Question: My baby farts a lot while breastfeeding which makes her uncomfortable and then she starts cring .. is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear, yes it's normal . Some tips to ease ur baby: 1 take a spoon have few drops of water and add heeng apply it near naval , it vl help release gas. 2 take oil n massage clockwise dan anti clockwise twice a day or wen u feel baby is uncomfortable. 3 take ur baby head down with tummy on lap and pat from behind this to relieves baby in stomach pain.
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Question: My kid is 27 days old while peeing she makes sound but its not coming out..she is suffering a lot..the whole night she makes sound
Answer: May be urine infection or dehydration Feed her frequently Drink water before and after feeding Get her urinevexamined
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