7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi doc.. I m 2 weeks preg and i hv cyst in left ovary due to which pain and nosiatic felling i am hvng.. So whats d procedure to be cure and is normal delivery possible??

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Answer: Ovarian cyst will not cause any problem in it pregnancy period...and yes normal delivery is possible
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Question: I am suffering from left ovary cyst of size 10.9 cc . Is it possible to concieve with this cyst. If not what ia the process to cure it. Is there any medicine to remove this cyst.
Answer: Hi, Ovarian cysts are fluid filled sacs that form on the ovaries.An ovarian cyst unless it is PCOS or associated with endometriosis does not usually affect a woman's ability to conceive.However there are a few possible problems if the cyst continues to grow throughout your pregnancy like it might rupture or even cause problems during delivery. Try to ensure you have a good healthy well balanced diet and that you exercise regularly.Getting enough sleep and avoiding stress is helpful too.
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Question: Im hving cyst in left ovary... So is it possible to have normal delivery. Till now every thing is normal.. N d position of baby is anterior
Answer: Cyst can be removed by medication. But if not dissolved it can be removed while C-section. Not a problem untill it grows gradually. Mine was 4mm in size dissolved by some medication.
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Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant, i had ultrasound in 5th week 2 d preg.. Baby heartbeat was nt there nd there was a cyst in my left ovary. Pls confirm if there is risk in my preg along with cyst. This is my second preg.
Answer: heartbeat will be shown from 8-10 weeks..dont worry dear...even i went on 6th week, there was no fetal pole nd heartbeat...dctr called me after 2 weeks bt i went at 10 weeks...nd now my fetus nd heartbeat is visible. so u hv to wait dear..dont worry..tkcr
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