9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi doc i am 4 weeks of pregnancy and last three days m cing a little blood passing urin what can do

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Answer: Hi dear it is not normal to see blood while passing urine it can be an indication of infection please do report this to your doctor your doctor prescribe you oral or a vaginal suppositories to treat this if it is an infection .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi, I hav a baby 18 days old. From last three days I hav a pain during stool passing and observed blood, is it normal or any remedies
Answer: If you are feeling pain during stool and blood also then it will be cause of piles or something else so I suggest to meet a doctor for a proper check up
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Question: Hi i am 8th mnth pregnant..past three days m having problem with passing stool... what shud i do?
Answer: hi. Constipation do occur during pregnancy so tale fiber rich diet and lots of fluid you can have tea spoon of ghee with warm milk in night it will help or can go for stool softner.
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Question: hi i am 13 weeks pregnant, passing black stool from last three days, i am worried pls suggest
Answer: Are you taking iron tablets ?? If yes.. then its bcoz of Ur medicine .. Iron tablets leads to pass black stool.in pregnancy.. Don't worry it's normal
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