17 weeks pregnant mother

Hi.. Doc asked me to increase wgt by 2kg/mnth but my wgt is reducing even after I'm takin healthy food.. I'm in my II trimester.. Help me

Hello Dear you can add eggs to your food. Have 3 boiled eggs, 2 eggs white part and 1 full egg including yolk. Have lots of nuts,cashews. This will help Hope this helped you alot
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Question: I consult my doc but doc in government hospital advise eat healthy food to increase bm milk can use galacat powder or lactocare tab which is the best
Answer: Hi dear, Congratulations on your delivery.to increase breastmilk,one should be eating healthy and nutritious food, basically balanced food.include lots of vegetables and all kinds of fresh and seasonal fruits. Protein rich food could make your milk richer and your baby would feel full longer. Include fish and lean proteins like chicken in your diet if you are non vegetarian.you can eat lot of dry fruits and pulses if you are vegetarian. Bottlegaurd can increase BM. fennel leaves and seeds can be beneficial too.drink plenty of water too.you can go for any other supplements your doctor suggested.both are equal.
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Question: Hello m having recurring cold n headache... No home remedy is working n even after i asked doc to give tablet, she dint gave. So ll this affect my baby in any way? M having healthy food n lifestyle...
Answer: U can take limcee tablet for cold, ask vd other doctor n take
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Question: Hello everyone... I am diabetic and my weight is reducing day by day. Please suggest me healthy weight gain food during diabetes.. Thnkew in advance☺
Answer: Diet in gestational Some of the home remedies for diabetes are as follows: 1 schedule ur diet: Major causes of all forms of diabetes is an irregular eating schedule.Eating small meals every two hours so your body becomes used to regular processing and absorption of nutrients, helping to prevent the peaks of sugar levels. 2 Exercise Regular exercise can help to prevent a lifestyle and unhealthy weight gain. 3 Take High-Fiber Diet Flaxseed and other forms of fiber are easily found in markets . Whole grains are some of the best sources of dietary fiber that will improve your chances of avoiding diabetes. 4 Intake of vitamin D It helps efficient absorption of key vitamins and nutrients, including calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphate. Ur doctor might have supplemented you with medicines add vitamin D. 5 Add Vitamin C to ur diet strawberries, oranges, broccoli, tomatoes,spinach. 6 Protein This will regulatedigestive process and regulate your metabolism to only release or utilize the necessary amounts of insulin. Protein is also essential for growth and development of ur baby. 7 Whole Food Carbs Pack your own meals and be sure to include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, lentils, oats, quinoa, milk, okra, carrots, peas, and similar food items. Avoid bread, especially white bread, and other empty carbohydrates found in junk food.
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