26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi.. do obese ladies feel less movements or movements differ in all babies? I am 26 weeks pregnant.. don't feel much baby movements.. is it normal?

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Answer: what's your weight.?
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    Yashi Tiwari1322 days ago


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    Jenisha Joseph1322 days ago

    then you're not obese dear. Baby movements differs to each person, if the placenta is anterior then the movements we feel maybe less and if the placenta is posterior, we can feel more baby movements.

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Question: Hi, i am 26 weeks pregnant. i feel baby movements but not frequently. is it normal?
Answer: Yes it's normal..Once you easily feel your baby's movements (around 20–24 weeks), you'll notice them more often. However, you may not always feel your baby's movements, especially if you are busy and are not paying attention. ... Babies' movements change as they grow and develop, and they should become more frequent in the third trimester... Lay down and spend some time , talk with your baby you will feel baby movement...Touch your baby , feel your baby and let your baby feel you.. Increase the bond then you can feel the movement when you want..
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